About Private Loans

Getting aid outside of the United States is different in some case, but similar in others to getting assistance in the U.S. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about what is available and where to go for more information.

Private Educational loans are designed to assist students and families access higher education. Similar to Federal loans, they are loans that are subject to a Cost of Attendance set by your school, allow for the borrower to defer payments while a student is in school and have flexible repayment plans.

Families choose private loans either because they feel the rates and terms are advantageous, to cover gaps in their funding for university of the funds cover programs that are ineligible for Federal funds. Private loans may cover programs that are less than half-time, involve distance learning
or even in some situations cover prior year costs. Your school will need to confirm if your program is eligible to receive funds and the
maximum amount you can borrow against the Cost of Attendance for your program of study. This is a separate approval than your applications and credit check.

These are funds that are borrowed from a private company, are subject to required credit-checks and may need you to obtain a credit-worthy co-signer. 

Statement about parents helping grad and undergrad

Students can borrow for themselves or others can borrow for a student. 

Not limited to parents.

Can be anyone!

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